The Future of

Payment Enablement

The Future of Payment Enablement

Why Choose KadePay?

We enable global payment processing.

KadePay Payment Gateway is a FinTech company that leverages cutting edge technology to track and illustrate transparency on payment transactions processed for all eCommerce merchants globally.

Global Scale

KadePay software application is uniquely positioned to facilitate instant payment processing transactions globally through connectivity with our affiliate acquiring banks and payment processors wherever merchants or consumers are located, subject to bank approval.

Comprehensive Toolkit

We provide our clients with the ability to service eCommerce, Marketplace, White Labeling services as well as Fraud detection & prevention

Shopping Cart

Need a shopping cart for your online store or marketplace? KadePay has you covered with our customizable shopping carts that provide instant transfers to your business account.

Who We Are

KadePay software application is a PCI Compliant Payment Gateway Solution that partners with affiliate acquiring banks and processors to facilitate online eCommerce payments. The application allows merchants and consumers to process payments with our affiliate acquiring banks and processors on the go. Whether its Software, SaaS & Services or Digital Goods, with our comprehensive tools and features, you can focus on growing your business and making online purchases safely and securely with the absence of fraudulent transactions.

Encryption Standards

Our cutting edge technology allows us to go beyond typical encryption standards of payment gateways to handle our customer’s most sensitive data while permitting seamless integrations for shopping carts and accounting needs.


Most transactions take days to complete. With KadePay, our platform can complete transactions in seconds allowing your organization to secure payments instantly.

Reporting Needs

Need to review activity? KadePay allows detailed analysis through reporting features to review all transactions instantly.

Fraud Detection

KadePay’s propriety platform facilitates proactive fraud detection with the use of Artificial Intelligence to help identify threats before they happen.

Learn more about how KadePay can help with eCommerce and Marketplace payment processing.