Increase your Revenue up to 150%

Recieve payments, split bills and develop a one-on-one relationship with your customers

Our technology is based on other solid companies

Kade utilizes and partners with the most trusted names in the
payment processing / acceptance industries.

Kade has the Benefits your business needs

Kade is the only app that connects you, your business, and your clients to have a single, contactless and fun experience while paying the tab.

Features your customers will love

You and your clients should be fine accepting all payments. No more worrying if they split the bill correctly. Kade accepts all types of payments, even bank transfers. Kade also sends gift cards and discounts so they keep coming back.

Who else can do all that for you?

Simple Bill Splitting

Customers can easily split the bill between their party

Get Paid for Orders (remotely)

Allow your patrons to pay for items prior to their arrival

Get Paid via Rewards

Allow your customers to use points, rewards or coupons from inside Kade

Award Benefits & Credits

Allow the earning of points and reward credits when items are purchased

Highly Secure
(like a digital Fort Knox)

We use bank-level encryption. Your user’s data is safe with Kade

Easy to Use

No complicated software or systems to install. Everyone can use and love Kade

What Does it Take to

Offer Kade

Fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch with you. You’ll be amazed how simple it is to offer Kade to your customers.

Your Customer Scans Their Receipt

Simply scan the check provided from the restaurant or enter the provided check number to complete the transaction.

They Select
How They Want
to Pay

Or how many ways they want to split the bill among other Kade users. You get instant payment with no fees.

You Stay Connected with Your Customers

You can use Kade to offer exclusively timed promotions and rewards, and promote social connection across your channels.